Reader Question:

My ex-boyfriend left myself but would not go more than five to seven days before he’d phone or content me. However generally begin texting while he ended up being drunk, saying he was „thus sorry.“ Whenever I discovered he had been with another woman, but in touch with me personally, I cut all interaction.

The ex along with his girl go out of their way to do something exceedingly caring around me personally, however I have been advised they consistently battle publicly as I are maybe not about. The ex provides actually eliminated in terms of provide me personally a little shove from behind and stated he failed to understand it absolutely was me personally.

Why is my ex achieving this? How does he work in this way as he broke up with me personally? What exactly do i actually do to help make him prevent and simply proceed?

-Kristin (Wisconsin)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

The genuine question is „exactly why performed the guy break-up with you?“ ended up being the guy utilizing it as a leverage in order to get something else away from you? There is no question he is still attached with you, but their drunk texts and community shows made to invite your own envious attention are an undesirable replacement for truthful dialogue.

If you’d prefer him and consider there is certainly nonetheless one thing indeed there, phone him and deal with all their behavior. If the guy still claims he would would like to remain separated, then you’re directly to perhaps not take his telephone calls, abstain from him in public areas, and progress. He doesn’t know very well what the guy wants.

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